Over my 20+ years of styling women I started to recognise something happening time and time again... The women that I was working with to update their style and image often underwent a deeply transformational process. That transformation was one not just of the outside image, but of the spirit too. I saw things shifting, changing and moving. I recognised that there was more I could do than just offer a styling service. I developed a deep process that helped the women I worked with evolve into stronger, more confident women who were deeply in tune with their own personality, beliefs and values.  

Changing the way you look changes the way you feel. That then changes the way you think, act and behave. It influences the decisions you make that shape your life and the way people respond to you. It can cause a radical shift in your whole perception of self worth.

I've helped many women turn their lives and businesses around with this deep, transformational process that works from the inside out. 

I'd love to help you achieve the same. Find out more about the work I do in this short video...

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I've created a unique process to support you in finding clothes that suit your own personality whilst enhancing your individual style and features.

Not only does my process help you to understand and learn more about your body shape and size, it also helps you to discover more about your own unique style and personality. I help you to find clothes that flatter and make you look amazing, but also feel it too!

I've developed these bespoke processes and techniques throughout my 20 years of styling women of all shapes and sizes and all walks of life. Alongside my training as a stylist I hold a degree in psychology that has helped me to recognise that for many women, styling is more than just the outside appearance.

In my many years of experience I've learnt that looking great on the outside in turn really does translate to feeling good in the inside too.


I offer four packages to introduce you to the world of fashion styling completely effortlessly and enjoyably! 


  • Find colours that help you to stand out from the crowd and exude your natural glow
  • Use of psychology and personality coaching tools to dive deeper into the process
  • Discover your own personal colour palette which you can use when shopping in the future
  • Find out which colours to avoid and which work best for your skin tone and complexion
  • Learn how to mix and match colours within your own wardrobe


  • Never wear an ill fitting outfit again! Learn which fabrics and styles compliment your figure and flatter
  • Styles chosen to suit your characteristics and personality by using my unique discovery process
  • Understand which patterns to avoid
  • Avoid buying items that won't work for you by learning the most flattering shapes, colours and fabrics for you and your figure

Personal Shopping

  • Build a capsule wardrobe where every single piece works together and helps you to look your best
  • Your day will be streamlined and effortless - all research done before hand so you just turn up and shop!
  • Learn which pieces work for you and why so that you can make informed decisions in the future
  • Leave with a 'roadmap' of where and what to shop for on independent buying trips

Wardrobe Cleanse

  • Understand the psychology of what your clothes say about you and get them to project what YOU want them to
  • Full day session that takes place in your own space
  • Learn to restyle items you've bought but never worn
  • Be educated throughout the whole one-to-one process
  • Finish with a wardrobe full of items that flatter you and make you feel your best