How To Wear The Latest Trouser Trends

Winter is definitely here and if you havent yet had a wardrobe clear out and got a few new  pieces in, now is the time to do it because new pieces quickly update your look and this season trousers are definitely one of those areas where theres been change! Ive put together a list of whats new with ideas for how to wear the different styles, some tips at the end for buying trousers and options if you dont fancy any of the trends described below!

We’ve all got used to skinny trousers, but now things are changing again, with bootcut, palazzo, and cropped culottes in this season. The prominent trends include:

Cropped straight trousers


 These create a very young, trendy, androgynous look when paired with big block heels. To make the most of this look, try wearing a slightly looser blouse (and there are loads of these about, with this seasons 70s styling), or a shirt with a jumper over it.




High waisted bootcut trousers

 These aren’t the same low waisted bootcut trousers of the early 2000s instead they follow the 70s style of the season with a slight bootcut and a high waist. You can use these types of trousers to make a nice work look if you wear them with a tailored shirt, but be careful with that waistline. If youre curvy or thicker around the middle, you don’t want to have a line cutting you right across the middle, so wear an untucked shirt with court shoes, or try a looser, tie neck peasant blouse for a more casual look. 


Culottes are also in this season, with quite a long leg in a variety of lengths.  The two main things to bear in mind with these are that you need to balance your body the more volume you have on the bottom, the more fitted your top should be and the hemline. The more cut off points you have on your body, the shorter youll look, so if youre wearing shorter culottes, pair them with long boots to make your legs look longer.

Palazzo trousers

 This trend was one of the biggest surprises for me this season, after all the years of leggings and skinny trousers. These trousers are so wide that they almost look like long skirts, so similarly to the culottes, you need to pair them with a fitted top.



Oxford bag

 Finally, the Oxford bag has come back into fashion. This style always reminds me of Katherine Hepburn or Bianca Jagger these trousers are quite slouchy and can look very smart, but you need to be tall or add height with a heel to really pull them off.

An alternative look

 All fairly dramatic looks so if none of them suit you, dont worry. Instead, try an alternative of fairly straight trousers that have a little bit of width to them. Gerard Darel, Jaeger, Piazza Sempione, and Max & Co all have some good options for this more traditional look.

 A few things to remember in general when youre buying trousers:

 —  Sit down in trousers that youre trying on to see how comfortable they are in different positions.

 —  Look at both the back and the front to see where the trousers are pulling.

 — Wear something on your top half that youre likely to wear with the trousers youre trying on, and wear the type of footwear that youll pair the trousers with it makes a huge difference in how they look on you!

 — Watch out for pockets, because wherever you get pockets youll have added width. If youre trying to avoid adding width to your hips, go for pockets that are built into the seams of the trousers.

 — Carry a pendant with you when youre trying on trousers it automatically takes the eye in and down.

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