Why finishing touches to an outfit are crucial

finishing touches to an outfit

Let's talk about the detail of styling and those things which complete a look. They are small details but they contribute to your overall style and make it believable or not. The presence or absence of finishing touches creates confidence or doubt in the mind of an observer. You are responsible for the advertisement you put together at the start of the day!

Because you retain reactions from your prehistoric past which keep you safe (they are stored in the reptilian or stem part of your brain and it’s part of the fight or flight reaction) you are liable to make almost instantaneous judgements about people, checking through the laundry list of impressions they create in your mind within seconds without even being consciously aware of it. If you think about it, if you need to ask for directions in a busy street you're liable to find a 'suitable' person to ask! People do the same with you. It’s important to get these little details right if you want to make an immediately good impression be it for a date, a business meeting or just because you want to look and feel your best.

If you open your wardrobe doors and there are lots of clothes but it feels like you have nothing to wear, chances are you haven't got the building blocks of a wardrobe in place. You do this by having a number of basic items in your best neutral colours on which you can build. Then you move onto finishing touches.

Finishing touches like make up, neat nails and touches of accessories like a nice bag or earrings (let it match with your style personality and body shape) have been proven in research to make a positive difference to the level of professionalism with which people are viewed - especially in the workplace. They indicate whether you have just jumped into a suitable selection of clothes or have the know how to pull them together and make it work. Emotional intelligence again.

Not bothering, in the mind of the observer, can mean either that you don't know how to do something - so a lack of some form of intelligence - or you've not bothered which shows carelessness. And yes we all need time off to be careless - just maybe not when it counts most!

As a woman you will notice that when you feel good about yourself, you behave differently to those times when you leave the house feeling a mess. When you feel good, the shoulders come back, the head up and it can increase your desire to interact with others and have a positive effect on how you communicate. Looking good is GOOD for you! Once you know what works, you can dress with confidence and forget about your clothes for the rest of the day.

Dated clothes and accessories such glasses, haircuts, shoes and bags, would seem to indicate a person who is out of touch. Life has moved on and they haven't. It may be because they are too busy to give much thought to themselves but a good stylist will find ways of working with you to make this easier for you, especially if you don't enjoy shopping.

If you’re interested in finding out what finishing touches or main building blocks you are missing from your wardrobe then feel free to drop me a line and arrange a discovery session!

Fi x