Choosing Colours that Suit You

choosing colours that suit you - fi ivin

 A couple of months back, I was in love. That lovely berry claret colour appeared and I loved it!  But summer has not been a great time for colours for some of us.

What does that say about me?

Because If you didn’t know, colours create a silent signal. A message that speaks to the world of how you’d like to be perceived. It’s also quite a major trigger on our subconscious minds and our mood.

Are you feeling the need to be feminine, a little soft and want to be looked after? Sweet pea shades of blues, pinks and lilacs could help you achieve that.

Want to avoid being seen as irrelevant by men?  Avoid sea green!

Does being in a yellow room make you feel anxious and blue leave you feeling calm and relaxed? Colours are used therapeutically - think of ultra violet being used to cure jaundice, pastel pink used to lower the testosterone levels of violent prisoners and green used in waiting rooms to ease stress. The effects are temporary but can be important – think of the use of coloured lenses or overlays for dyslexics.

In terms of your clothes, you look at your best when the colours you choose reflect your unique colouring as well as saying something about your personality. You’ll have noticed I said above that sweet pea shades could help you achieve a soft and feminine look. On me they’d make me look washed out and tired – not an effect I want to encourage unless I am looking for sympathy! That’s because sweet pea colours have a lot of white or grey added in to soften them and my colouring is quite dark . People with dark colouring require some depth in what they wear so the new claret/burgundy/deep ruby is perfect for me when it has a blue undertone. You can find out your unique colouring by working with a stylist in a personal session.

In my experience, clients often have strong opinions about colours based on their experiences and sometimes their culture – for example white in the west is seen as a symbol of purity and used in wedding gowns. In many eastern countries it is a symbol of mourning.

A good image consultant/stylist in addition to her basic qualifications will have experience and training in a variety of related areas and the tools to bring depth to the consultation. She will know how to get to know you a little in a short amount of time, will explain the system of selecting colours to you and using her skills and training work with you to identify the palette of colours that suits your colouring.

Colours that you use in your personal/social life may be less appropriate for work in the city for example. And if you want to take that a further and understand how that translates into fabrics, makeup, hair and jewellery for your unique style personality, that can be done too.

In the space of a day the overwhelm of shopping, colour choices and feeling you have nothing to wear can be solved! This is a service that I’m proud to offer.

If you’d like to book a free, no obligation discovery session where we can discuss what will work for you then email me – Or check out some of the testimonials from my past clients.  

Fi x