Nikki Slade - Voice Coach

"I work as a voice coach, using the power of sound through the sacred chants of Eastern traditions. When I started working with a branding consultant to revamp my brand, she suggested one of the first things I should do was work with a personal stylist. I wasn’t really sure what to expect but I trusted my advisor immensely, so I knew that a recommendation coming from her was worth its weight in gold! I was told I needed to trust Fi and go along for the ride. That it might be confronting at times but that I would enjoy it. In an industry where everything revolves around the inner self, I was interested to see how a stylist could bring what I thought and felt on the inside to the outside.

On my first trip out to see Fi I had no idea what to expect. I’d had my colours done with another stylist years before so I knew a little about the world of personal styling, but what I experienced with Fi was something different to anything before. 

The difference with Fi is that she works from the inside out. I wasn’t sat down and given a ‘makeover’ or told to be a pretty lady and wear this nice dress. Fi got right into the roots of me, with various personality tests and exercises that made the first day feel like more of a spa retreat than anything else! Her hospitality was second to none, her home was beautiful and she even prepared a gorgeous lunch. I felt completely nurtured and at ease with her. It reminded me of a Japanese tea ceremony, where it’s as much about the whole experience as it is about the tea. It was about the detail, communication and savoured moments. There was a precise timing around each exercise, and the day kept moving and flowing in just the right way.

The day ended up being so juicy! I discovered more things about my personality and myself than I would have ever expected and also took home the practical and technical knowledge around style and which colours and shapes suited not only my personality but my figure too. This was then put to practical use in a follow up shopping day. Fi had taken so much trouble to thoroughly research where we needed to go and even knew which rail the clothes would be on! It was fascinating to watch her and even more fascinating to find that I enjoyed shopping. I was moved by the journey that we had been on together and actually felt quite sad to say goodbye to her at the end of the day! 

A few weeks on and I actually look forward to getting dressed in the morning. I have a new found enthusiasm for clothes and a very clear roadmap of how to shop for myself. I’ve since watched filming and photos of myself with the clothing that Fi helped me to choose and I have to say, I look hot! That’s thanks to Fi’s wonderful contribution. 

It feels like we’re in a time and place where we have started to work from the inside out, and so representing your inner world on the outside is so important. Fi just got it."

Avni Trivedi - Osteopath 

"When I realised how important the right colours and style was for good website images, I decided to invest in a makeover. My aim was firstly to define my style and then to learn how to create a personal brand with versatility for different occasions such as speaking opportunities or networking, Having seen Fi work her magic on a number of women, I didn't hesitate in contacting her.

If I am totally honest I always thought that 'doing your colours' was a bit lightweight. Fi however looked deeply at the psychology and explained how quickly and unconsciously we create an opinion of people. Having dark skin, I always thought that I could carry off colour, but it really helped to have a specific palette to use for my clothes. I managed to get rid of clothes in my wardrobe that I was never wearing after this session.

In our second session we looked at body shape, proportion, how fabrics drape over the body and a whole host of other things. One of the biggest takeaways for me was learning that skirts don't suit me. Dresses are great, but skirts aren't. It wasn't easy, but I managed to clear my wardrobe of another 5 skirts - letting go was much easier once I had a sense of the 'look' that Fi was trying to create for me.

Fi is enthusiastic, passionate and lots of fun. We laughed a lot over the two days. She's easy company to be around. Behind the scenes it was evident just how much work she had put into preparation, including delicious and healthy lunches to keep us focused throughout the day.

I have found the experience to be educational and empowering. I have learned valuable skills that will save me time and money in the long run. I am not sure I will ever be the type to enjoy shopping, but I anticipate that it will a much easier and productive experience now that I am armed with so much useful know-how.

Thanks Fi! x"