The difference with Fi is that she works from the inside out. I wasn’t sat down and given a ‘makeover’ or told to be a pretty lady and wear this nice dress. Fi got right into the roots of me, with various personality tests and exercises that made the first day feel like more of a spa retreat than anything else!

A few weeks on and I actually look forward to getting dressed in the morning. I have a new found enthusiasm for clothes and a very clear roadmap of how to shop for myself.
— Nikki Slade - Voice coach

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"When I realised how important the right colours and style were for good website images, I decided to invest in a makeover. My aim was firstly to define my style and then to learn how to create a personal brand with versatility for different occasions such as speaking opportunities or networking, Having seen Fi work her magic on a number of women, I didn't hesitate in contacting her!"

- Avni Trivedi, Osteopath

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leigh ashton
Having worked in the corporate industry meant that I knew exactly how to dress perfectly for that world. I also knew how to dress casually when not working. What I didn’t know how to do was to dress smart/casual for business... so I called in Fi. She took me shopping, picked items for me to try and created a look that was the perfect smart/casual business look that I needed. She even chose the jewellery that I should wear!
She picked items that I would never have chosen but when I saw myself in them I knew that she was spot on.

As soon as I started to wear my new outfits I felt really great and got compliments like ‘Wow, you look fabulous!’ - What a boost!

Fi has an incredible talent to find the clothes that are right for you from a visual perspective and more importantly, that suit your personality. She intuitively knows what’s needed to take you to WOW.

The way you look is so important in business. Fi is the best at making sure your image creates the right impression and boosts how you feel about yourself.

Thank you Fi :)
— Leigh Ashton - The Sales Consultancy

For me the day was about putting the finishing touches to my most valuable asset – me. It was about being able to sell myself to best effect and the consultation has certainly helped me to achieve that.

My day with Fi has paid massive dividends in my job search. Everyone has commented how good I look and people who know me think I have lost lots of weight so it just goes to show how the right colours and styles really make a difference!“
— Rachael Hunter, MBA student
Wow! What a useful day! So much information covered is such a relatively short time. I cannot begin to tell you how useful the whole experience has proved to be. I can really recommend your skilled, conscientious and friendly approach and advice. Thank you.
— Lynda Taylor, local manager for a national charity
Fi’s attention to detail is incredible. Thanks to her tips and our personal shopping day together I’ve come away with a lot more than a new wardrobe – I will actually find it much easier in future to shop as I’ll know what textures, shapes and patterns to pick.
— Shireen Smith
Fi provided a comprehensive insight into me as a person, quickly identifying issues and concerns, turning the negatives into positives and then translating these characteristics into what I wanted to project.
— Anne Shute, Vice President, Global Sales North America, Accord Hotels and Resorts
As a freelancer I found the process useful for helping me define my own brand image – corporates have their own. The session was important for confidence building, winning business – does my look say I’m good, professional, competent? – I’m more confident about my work and more relaxed and so I know I’ll get what I want. It’s given me confidence in myself as a woman.
— S. Shelley, Independent Clinical Trialist
I booked Fi for a ‘Personal Branding’ day as I was very uncomfortable with the type of clothes I was wearing in business and was struggling to make the right choices to fit the diverse cultures of our market place.

Fi was empathetic, logical and professional. She made me feel very relaxed asked me questions to find out all about me.

Fi then assessed my colour and we talked through my image – both personal and work. In both areas Fi completely surprised and delighted me by solving my image problems.
— PH Business owner